“Maestro: Jump in Music” no debe ser pirateado…

… o eso piden sus creadores. En el blog oficial del juego han publicado el siguiente artículo (en inglés):

Dear friends,
Maestro! Jump in Music is now available for download on the web on various pirates pages all around the world.
What does that mean to us?
On the first hand, we’re happy that a lot of people who would never have played it actually get hands on… I have found a Brasilian Forum where players were expecting the game and are now playing and comparing scores, craving on the levels… and that’s nice to see.
This distribution thing is a total paradox! We are communicating on the game in all possible ways, youtube, twitter, facebook, traditional magazines, general newspapers… and the shop 100 meters from the studio didn’t even know the game was in their stock… what can we do?
We have spent 3 years making this game, fighting to actually get it out in the shops, invested the few dollars and dimes we have saved up, convinced our friends from Neko to jump in with us, had BigBen distribute the game over Europe… and all this for merely 3 weeks of commercial exposure.
A lot of people believe that when a NDS game is sold, the money goes to Nintendo and they already have enough money! but it isn’t true!!!
Nintendo didn’t invest a kopek in the game, and if it is not sold enough, it is Pastagames, Neko & Bigben who will pay the bill.
The consequences are simple, we are forced to keep making games for others, Baby games, teddy bear and pony games to survive, and we won’t be able to create new and original games for players to enjoy.
I’m not there to get you to cry, just to tell you to buy the game is you like it, if you want our little studio to keep making games we (and hopefully you) love
And if you aren’t so keen on buying a game you already have downloaded, remember that the money you’ll spend will be for our next game and not for Maestro. We are very excited to create it and to share it with you
Fabien, and all the Pastateam

El artículo viene a decir que si pirateamos el juego, el equipo no recibirá beneficios por su trabajo y tendrán que acabar desarrollando juegos de ·niños, ositos de peluche y ponis” para poder seguir su actividad, ya que lo que recauden por las ventas de Maestro servirá para poder desarrollar otros nuevos (y originales) títulos.

La verdad es que yo apoyo a la gented e Pastateam, y desde aquí quería colaborar difundiendo su mensaje… 😀

Fuente: Maestro: Jump in Music (el link está roto, pero podéis acceder al artículo desde la caché de Google… 😉 )

2 comentarios

  1. Bravo por ellos que son unos cracks por soltar esas cositas tan majas.


  2. Está superbien que hayan puesto eso en la web, almenos dan su opinión y avisan de lo que podría pasar!


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